About Me

I am a software engineer specializing in computer vision research and development at Facebook Reality Labs. I contribute to the design and implementation of technologies underpinning Oculus and Portal products. Previously, I was a software engineer in Microsoft’s A.I. Perception and Mixed Reality organization. At Microsoft, I developed several computer vision technologies including a GPU accelerated dense 3D reconstruction system for photorealistic human avatar creation. Before Microsoft, I studied computer science at Georgia Tech while doing NASA-funded robotics research under Prof. Frank Dellaert. I hold B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees from Georgia Tech.

I am an expert in software engineering using modern C++, Python, and CUDA. I have designed and implemented industrial-strength codebases in all three languages. Additionally, I have refactored and maintained multi-million line legacy codebases in all three languages. I’m an advocate for software engineering excellence at Facebook which includes leading my team’s software engineering standards committee. My favorite software contributions are code deletion and unit tests.

I excel at the intersection of mathematics and software. I specialize in algorithm development in the areas of classical and machine learning based computer vision. I’ve created several state-of-the-art implementations in these domains for both academic and commercial purposes during my career. My open source software is available on GitHub and my writings are available on my Research page.