About Me

I develop new technologies at Meta. Previously, my career spanned Silicon Valley startups, Microsoft, and NASA where I contributed to efforts such as the Microsoft HoloLens and the NASA Mars Helicopter. I like working at the intersection of math, code, and leadership.



  • Technical Leadership (listening and influencing, organizational roadmap development and execution, talent development).
  • Research and Development (scientific literature review, algorithm development, algorithm implementation, algorithm evaluation, technical communication).
  • Engineering (systems design, implementation, optimization, code review, refactoring, unit testing, large codebase maintenance, version control).

Professional Experience:


  • Technical Lead (2020 - Present)
  • San Francisco Bay Area, CA
  • Led across multiple teams that developed systems for training machine learning models underpinning codec avatars. Led these teams to deliver algorithm research into product-critical systems while also improving upon the state of that research. Contributed production code and technical direction in areas such as machine learning systems, optimization for CPUs and GPUs, and general software engineering.
  • Regularly delivered organization-level impact both directly and through others. Examples: Led across multiple teams to optimize performance of a machine learning training system by >60% which led to a >$10B reduction in projected operating cost. Delivered an 800X performance improvement of a product-critical algorithm implementation that changed the organization’s shipping decision from no-go to go. Created the software engineering, documentation, and testing standards used by multiple 30-50 person engineering organizations at Meta which included individually mentoring dozens of senior engineers.
  • Held two previous cross-team technical leadership roles. Monetization: Led engineers developing machine learning systems that optimize ads performance for Facebook and Instagram. Reality Labs: Led development of unannounced augmented reality products across multiple disciplines (algorithm research, software engineering, hardware development).


  • Software Engineer, AI Perception and Mixed Reality Group (2017 - 2019)
  • San Francisco Bay Area, CA
  • Developed scientific research into features for HoloLens 2. Contributed machine learning and classical computer vision research in addition to production software in modern C++, CUDA, Python, and TensorFlow.
  • Improved my organization’s state of the art in GPU-accelerated dense 3D reconstruction. Designed a system for solving this problem, implemented it in CUDA, and replaced a legacy GPU-accelerated system with the same output quality but 20X fewer lines of code and 10X faster performance.
  • Designed and implemented a machine learning system for high-precision human segmentation based on research in statistical learning and deep learning. Advanced the group’s state-of-the-art in the problem domain and published a granted patent, US10902608B2 Segmentation for Holographic Images.


  • Software Engineer, Computer Vision Group (2016 - 2017)
  • San Francisco Bay Area, CA
  • Founded the company’s computer vision group as the 14th employee.
  • Created and shipped the company’s core computer vision technology to >3000 customers which led to securing Series C venture capital funding.


  • Research Intern, Autonomy Incubator Group (2015 - 2016)
  • Hampton, VA & Remote
  • Contributed computer vision research and software to an early prototype of NASA’s Ingenuity Mars helicopter.
  • Investigated computer vision based localization techniques applied to NASA’s prototype robots for Mars exploration. Contributed software implementations, literature research, and visualization tools for performance evaluation.

College of Computing @ Georgia Institute of Technology

  • Graduate Research Assistant (2014 - 2016)
  • Atlanta, GA
  • Carried out academic research in computer vision and contributed to GTSAM, an open source C++ library that implements sensor fusion for robotics and computer vision applications.
  • Developed a 3D reconstruction system based on multi-object tracking and numerical optimization of 3D poses. Implemented region-of-interest detection, region tracking, optimization mathematics, and visualization pipeline in C++.


Georgia Institute of Technology

  • Atlanta, GA

M.Sc. in Computer Science

  • GPA: 3.8
  • Full Scholarship
  • Dean’s List
  • Studied Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Computational Photography, Advanced Algorithm Design & Analysis, and Robotics.

B.Sc. in Engineering

  • GPA: 3.9
  • Full Scholarship
  • Dean’s List
  • Faculty Honors
  • Vice President of Tau Beta Pi
  • Studied Linear Algebra, Calculus, Statistics, Numerical Methods, Data Structures, Algorithm Design & Analysis, and Robotics.